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Martial Law: Military Take Over Attempt in Turkey Latest News Updates

Martial Law: Military Take Over Attempt in Turkey Latest News Updates

Martial Law imposed in Turkey by the Army Latest Updates

Martial law and state of emergency and Uncertainty in Turkey

Turkish military declares takeover of country, top officials reportedly taken hostage and The military has released  confirmation of takeover.
According to the sourced, Social networks sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have been blocked in Turkey. Internet and other media have been closed also.

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President Tayyab Erdogan said that Military Take over is over causing more than 40 people dead and more than 1000 people dead across the country in firing attacks during the military take over attempt. It is still unclear weather Tayyab Erdogan will reappear as the president or Military take over will be confirmed as reported earlier by the group of Military take over group of Army.

Tayab Erdogan reappeared after few hours of uncertainty and addressed the people of Turkey that the coup attempt had been quashed and  government is in control. During his adress to the nation he said, “My brothers, I want you to know this: Those who brought these tanks out — what happened to these tanks? My people took these tanks back, haven’t they? So far as we believe, so far as we’re alive, we’ll be prepared to die in the cause to tackle these people. But we will stand firm, we’re not going to compromise.”

754 people have been arrested and more than 30 senior army officers have been suspended. But there are reports of fighting and firing in Ankara and Istanbul. It is still very unclear that who is will or who is still controlling the Government of Turkey.

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Martial Law Declared In Turkey 16 July 2016, Breaking News Martial Law Imposed in Turkey Tayyab Erdogan’s Government Removed by the Army. The Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Mehmet Simsek has also said that the Military Take over has failed .

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